Amazing April in Ms. Farrell’s 1st class!

After returning from Spring break, 1st class have been enthusiastic and eager to learn. We have engaged in many exciting projects and activities, making every day in school hectic but happy!

We made paper aeroplanes and tested how far they could fly in the corridor. We then wrote a procedure about them in our literacy copies. Some planes flew a very long distance!

We also made paper mache bowls. The children layered paper around a balloon with glue before leaving it to dry. The following week we added more layers using colourful paper. When dry, our bowls were hard and ready to take home.

We are very busy tending to our vegetables. Each day, we water our plants and check their growth. We have planted carrots, turnips, lettuce, spinach, chives, strawberries, potatoes and parsnips. Gardening is a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby for the boys and girls in 1st class!

We also learned about 2D shapes this month. This is an interesting topic which has led to lots of active learning. We have made our own pictures using 2D shapes and also participated in a scavenger hunt around the school grounds looking for shapes. The children found so many different shapes in many different sizes.

Notice Board

We are finished up for our Summer Holidays today on the 30th June! We would like to thank all of our families for their support over the past year and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable couple of months off!