Parent Guardian Teacher Association

Parent Guardian Teacher Association
We had a very successful AGM PGTA on 28th September and we were thrilled with the amount of parents that attended! We are delighted to inform you that we have a newly elected chairperson, secretary and treasurer of Parent Guardian Teacher Association who were voted in.

Chairperson –  Simona Barlescu
Secretary – Rachael Baldwin
Treasurer – Marzena Brzeska

One of the projects the PGTA are fundraising for this year is a Sensory Garden. This is a large ongoing project and are happy to inform you that the first stage is being installed during the second week in October. We are looking forward to sharing some pictures with you all. 

We will be having a Diwali Disco on the 28th October in the school hall. If you would like to help or any ideas you would share for the Diwali Disco, please email . 
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Notice Board

Child Safeguarding and Assessment Questionnaire

The Board of Management is reviewing the school's Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment and is seeking parental input into the review. We would really apprieciate if parents / guardians could take a few minutes to engage with the questionnaire below.

Child Safeguarding and Assessment link

Parent Guardian Teacher Association (PGTA)

The Parent Guardian Teacher Association (PGTA) would like to organise training/talks for parents to help them support their child(ren). We would like your feedback on which training/talks you would find most beneficial. This survey will only take 1 minutes and we would really appreciate your feedback.
Please submit your response by Friday 23rd September.