Positive Behaviour

There are very exciting changes occurring in Scoil Chormaic CNS after the Easter Holidays. We will be implementing new positive approach to behaviour based on the principles of Discipline for Learning. This new approach evolved from meetings with staff and parents in March 2015. We held parent information meetings for all parents about the new positive approaches to behaviour in March 2015. If you were unable to attend the meeting, you will find the relevant information here.


How does the new approach to behaviour work?

Children who keep the school rules during the day will receive a tick at the end of the school day.   Junior and Senior Infant pupils will receive a small prize or a whole class activity when they earn 5 ticks. From First class upwards pupils will receive a small prize or a whole class activity when they earn 10 ticks.

The six school rules that the pupils are asked to keep are:

1. Kind Hands

2. Kind Feet

3. Kind Words

4. Good Listening

5. Good Work

6. Respect for teachers and others

Children who do not keep the school rules will follow a sequence of very clear steps.     You can see the sequence of steps for each year group by following the links below.

List of classroom rules
Behaviour Steps for Pupils Poster – Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class
Behaviour Steps for Pupils- Second and Third Class
Behaviour Steps for Pupils – Support room

How will parents know about their child’s behaviour?

We encourage parents to ask their children every day whether they got their tick or not. Ticks are given every day. We also encourage you to praise your child when he/she receives a prize.   If your child did not get his/her tick, you can consult with the Behaviour Steps in the documents above which will give you an outline of how many steps your child reached before losing his/her tick. You will receive a note home from the class teacher, if your son/daughter was still not keeping the rules after losing his/her tick. If your child had to be sent to the Principal’s office during the school day, you will receive a note home from the Principal.     We are very excited about this new positive approach to behaviour and we are expecting to see lots of ticks, lots of smiling faces and lots of prizes. We are looking forward to seeing all the pupils keeping the school rules throughout the day.

Notice Board

Homework Review Questionnaire

Dear parents,  

We value your opinion and would love your say!

 We are conducting a review of homework in the school at present. We want the perspectives of staff, pupils, and parents. The idea of this questionnaire is to collect the views of parents on this important topic. Please fill out the following survey: