Student Council

March 2022: We ran two competitions during ‘Book Week’.  The children from Infants to 1st class designed a book cover.  They were beautiful and colourful.  The children from 2nd to 6th wrote a story, comic or poem.  It was so difficult to pick winners but we discussed narrowed it down and finally picked a winner.

February 2022: We started our school shop. Every Friday members of the Student Council will sell stationery items.   Here is our price list: Price list.docx

January 2022: After a fun week of campaigning and elections, we have a new Student Council. We had our first meeting and the ideas were excellent.

Notice Board

Child Safeguarding and Assessment Questionnaire

The Board of Management is reviewing the school's Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment and is seeking parental input into the review. We would really apprieciate if parents / guardians could take a few minutes to engage with the questionnaire below.

Child Safeguarding and Assessment link

Parent Guardian Teacher Association (PGTA)

The Parent Guardian Teacher Association (PGTA) would like to organise training/talks for parents to help them support their child(ren). We would like your feedback on which training/talks you would find most beneficial. This survey will only take 1 minutes and we would really appreciate your feedback.
Please submit your response by Friday 23rd September.