Maths Week in Ms Forde’s 4th Class

Maths Week was a huge success in Ms Forde’s 4th class. The children worked very hard on developing their skills as mathematicians but also had tremendous fun!

On Monday we learned Fibonacci’s number sequence. He was a famous mathematician from the 12th century. His number sequence is a series of numbers. (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34). We used this number sequence for our art. We used our compasses and rulers to measure different radii of circles. It was tricky using the compass for the first time but as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”!

We drew circles of different sizes on coloured card and cut them out.

Then we experimented with circles when we were exploring what our artwork would look like. Once we were happy with our decision, we assembled and glued the circles onto the A3 page. Here are some photos of our finished artwork.

We also did plenty of challenges and problem solving activities. One of the challenges was guessing the number in a blank hundred square. Another challenge was solving addition and subtraction word problems.

Can you solve these problems?

We also participated in one of the challenges by Microsoft’s DreamspaceTV. These challenges are introducing us to coding. In our pods, we designed an obstacle using recyclable materials. Each obstacle needed to have a ‘loop’ which meant that the player repeated the obstacle a certain number of times.

In the end, we created two obstacle courses. We trialed the two obstacle courses in our PE. Some children said it was the best PE lesson ever!

It was fantastic to see the result of creativity, planning, designing and collaborating. Well done everyone!

Notice Board

We are finished up for our Summer Holidays today on the 30th June! We would like to thank all of our families for their support over the past year and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable couple of months off!