Urgent Traffic Management

Dear families,

From tomorrow, Friday, November 25th, new parking restrictions will be in place on the campus. Please do not park in areas sectioned off or marked ‘no parking’.

The traffic management situation on the school campus has reached a critical stage with haphazard parking approaches being taken by many while on campus. This is unacceptable and is a health and safety concern for school management. We have had several near misses with our children walking on campus since the start of the school year. This cannot continue.

In addition, the school bus – which is a priority transport means for the school – has been unable to enter the campus at times, unable to park safely on the campus at times and many have shown complete disregard for the necessity of the school bus and the safety of the children using the service.

People are also parking in the disability bays, and on the footpath opposite the drop and go area. This is not permitted and poses a significant risk to children trying to cross the road. Their view may be obstructed by an incorrectly parked vehicle leading to an accident.  

At the bottom of this document is the original Traffic Management Plan for the school campus. Many parents may not be familiar with this – please review it and please follow it.

It is essential that the drop and go area is used for dropping in the morning. Parents should not linger here, and pupils should walk independently to the school from their cars themselves. Cars should move off straight away.

Please try to park off campus when collecting your children. The nearby Millfield shopping centre has ample parking spaces and is just a short walk for parents collecting children. Or please consider walking or cycling to school if possible.

Balbriggan Gardai visited the campus this week and will be visiting the campus over the coming weeks.

The safety of our children cannot be ensured without your co-operation. Please obey all traffic laws and observe the Traffic Management Plan for the campus.

(Click on the three lines on the top left to view traffic management plan below.)

Notice Board

Homework Review Questionnaire

Dear parents,  

We value your opinion and would love your say!

 We are conducting a review of homework in the school at present. We want the perspectives of staff, pupils, and parents. The idea of this questionnaire is to collect the views of parents on this important topic. Please fill out the following survey: